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Here is where you can find the latest updates from Donkin Chiropractic, as well as tips and advice from us to lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Believe it or not, one small change of habit can make a drastic improvement in your life.

Healthy Valentine’s Day: Celebrating the Heart in Every Way

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration of love often symbolized by the giving of heart-shaped gifts and cards. Yet, the essence of Valentine’s Day can actually touch upon a more profound and holistic notion of health and well-being. This involves not just one, but two hearts we all possess: the physical heart and the heart […]

Healthy Hibernating: 10 Strategies for a Vibrant February and Beyond

As we experience the chilly embrace of February, it’s common for many of us to enter a state of quasi-hibernation. This period is marked by a noticeable dip in physical activity and energy levels, potentially ushering in feelings of tension, anxiety, sadness, and a general sense of malaise. Moreover, this seasonal lull in physical conditioning […]

Bone Chilling Cold

We are all familiar with the notion of distracted drivers. We see them regularly on the road and maybe we have even driven distracted ourselves. But there is a formidable force coming our way that requires our attention especially this time of year. That is distracted deer!