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Here is where you can find the latest updates from Donkin Chiropractic, as well as tips and advice from us to lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Believe it or not, one small change of habit can make a drastic improvement in your life.

Stressful Life Events

STRESSFUL TIMES There will always be times and events in our lives that cause stress, pressure, grief, and discomfort. Unfortunately, they are unavoidable. However, we can choose how we respond and what we do to help alleviate the pain caused by traumatic life events and experiences. In the next months, we will focus on some […]

Spring weather is around the corner…

SPRING WEATHER Spring is in our forecast even with the usual March antics at play! Are you making a list of your weekend yard projects to be ready for warmer days ahead? If you plan to be busy outside remember to listen to your body. If you feel aches and pains, take breaks and contact […]

Do you have an injury, new or old?

TREATING AN INJURY Don’t let a history of injuries stop you from enjoying your hobbies or even just interfering with your day-to-day tasks. Dr. Donkin can help get you back on the path to wellness, so you can enjoy your passions. Our purpose is to help you get out of pain, back into health, and […]