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Here is where you can find the latest updates from Donkin Chiropractic, as well as tips and advice from us to lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Believe it or not, one small change of habit can make a drastic improvement in your life.

Springing Into Action

Do warmer temperatures have you on the move? Maybe it’s spring sports and activities or perhaps you are back in your yard doing clean-up and gardening? Whatever the activity, it’s important to know the right way to move to prevent injury and soreness. Below you’ll find some guidance as you get back into the swing […]

Baby Neck & Back Pain

Congratulations on welcoming the newest addition to your family! There is nothing quite like holding those little bundles of joy and stealing as many snuggles as possible. With those snuggles comes some hidden posture problems. Have you noticed while holding your baby, that your neck or back has started to feel tired and tight like […]

Bone Chilling Headache

We have been living through freezing temperatures for a much longer time than usual this season and it’s going to last awhile. This type of frigid, cold weather is a big headache in many ways, and there has been a significant increase in patients coming in with headaches – even those that don’t usually have […]