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Here is where you can find the latest updates from Donkin Chiropractic, as well as tips and advice from us to lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Believe it or not, one small change of habit can make a drastic improvement in your life.

Working From Home?

WORKING FROM HOME Scores of my patients as well as millions more are now working from home.   Teachers, students, attorneys in financial services, and many others are trying their best to remain productive in make-shift home workstations. Even though an entire book could be written about setting up homework stations, here are three recommendations […]

Fall Clean Up

FALL CLEAN UP It may still be warm outside, but cooler breezes and lows at night are telling us that fall is in motion! With fall comes leaves dropping, garden, first frosts, plants dying first, and preparation for the winter months ahead. For many, fall clean-up is a necessary task during these seasonal months, and […]

PackBack Beware!

PACKBACK BEWARE Schools are starting back up soon and with it comes to wearing and carrying backpacks, instrument cases, sports equipment, and other necessities, it’s extremely important to wear these items properly to avoid injury, but also to prevent gradual posture and pain issues that can happen over time. Below you’ll see some tips from Dr. […]