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Here is where you can find the latest updates from Donkin Chiropractic, as well as tips and advice from us to lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Believe it or not, one small change of habit can make a drastic improvement in your life.

Fall Leaves & Clean Up

YARD WORK TIPS Is a season full of yard work leaving you feeling a little worse for wear? Dr. Donkin has some tips as you continue your fall clean-up chores around the yard and home. Don’t forget to also call to schedule your next adjustment to stay on track and stay mobile, regardless of what you’re doing. TESTIMONIALS

Seasonal Allergies

FALL ALLERGIES For many, the Fall allergy season is far worse than spring allergies. Is this you? Cool autumn air harbors irritants that can be just as unpleasant as pollen. Allergens from trees and grasses float through the air in spring, summer, and fall, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These particles can enter […]

School is back in session!

SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION This school year is going to be a lot different than last year! Teachers and school administrators inform us that almost all students will be attending school in the actual classroom and the few students who need to remain remote will use a remote-only classroom set up with remote teachers […]