Warm Weather Woes


While colder weather can increase aching, many patients don’t know that warm weather typically increases swelling and pain. This means that the increased pressure and humidity outdoors can increase the expansion of joints, tendons, muscles, and even scar tissue, leaving many people with previous injuries in pain.

Chronic conditions can have flare-ups no matter the temperature outside, but the summer weather does cause our bodies to need a period of adjustment, and this can increase the painful symptoms of arthritis and other conditions.

You can work to decrease your pain at home by using or combining any of these methods:


Remain inside when you can, especially on extremely hot days. Take breaks to stay cooler if you must venture outside, and make sure your air conditioner is turned up to a comfortable temperature.


Water is not only good for your health, but it helps to flush toxins out of the body which also helps to fight inflammation. It aids your joints by keeping them well-lubricated.


Low-impact physical activities such as swimming, yoga, and walking are all great ways to relieve pressure on your joints and keep them lubricated. They also help to promote stronger supportive muscles that can decrease pressure and strain on your joints.

Still suffering? Reach out and schedule a visit from Dr. Donkin and set up a treatment plan to get you back on the path to wellness!

Source: iRISE Spine and Joint



The Art-of-Living well involves more than just art. You have to be up on the most current science and research on all aspects of wellness. It also requires regular practice, to develop and sustain the mental and physical resilience to harness your mind, body, and mood to be at your best every day of your life.

Our M3+ Mind- Movement-Mood Wellness Center efficiently integrates Diet/Nutrition, Exercise, Biomechanics, and the MindFulChoice System™ for optimal thinking – all under one roof or online, and will provide you with a customized assessment and action plan for your specific lifestyle and goals.

Our total wellness model is tailored to fit your individual needs with just the right services to reach your personal destination for a life of clarity, purpose, and joy.

We invite you to ask us more about this on your next visit! We are excited to share in this new global partnership and how we are offering these services at our practice right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.