New Parent Neck and Back Pain

Congratulations on welcoming the newest addition to your family! There is nothing quite like holding those little bundles of joy and stealing as many snuggles as possible. With those snuggles comes some hidden posture problems. Have you noticed while holding your baby, that your neck or back has started to feel tired and tight like you were spending too much time on your cell phone? This is due to poor posture! When we cradle babies in the crook of our arm. we have a tendency to bend our heads down to allow us to stare and absorb every second of our bundles of joy. We want to help you make snuggle time more enjoyable, so consider these helpful tips:

  1. Alternate the arm you are cradling the baby in. Not only will this help you “unwind” your poor posture, but it is good for babies to work on their full range of motion.
  2. Consider using different holding positions. Common holds are cradling in the crook of the arm, over the shoulder and supporting their neck and head while having them face you.
  3. Remember when you put them down to practice unwinding. Roll your shoulders and neck to help reduce the tension and help relieve any stress. 

Are you experiencing discomfort or have questions? Dr. Donkin. would be happy to help! Contact us today.