From Our Patients

As wellness of my whole body is the key for me, I would definitely recommend Dr. Donkin to my friends and family.

I would recommend Dr. Donkin to my friends and family just because of the fact that I have access to physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic all in one place. Dr. Donkin’s staff is awesome, caring and knowledgeable as well!

Dr. Donkin made some adjustments to regulate my heartbeat, and it worked. Not only did I get a regular heartbeat, but also my back and neck feel so much better. He knows how to fix it!

Dr. Donkin has improved my health by making life more pain-free. He has years of experience and he came in on a Saturday when at first my pain was very bad. No doctor does that! I call him the “Spine Wizard”.

The adjustments that Dr. Donkin provided has improved my mobility with less discomfort and I am sleeping better. He is kind and accommodating.

Dr. Donkin has helped me move easier and I would definitely recommend him because he is nice, friendly and he does good work.

I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, and it opened my eyes to how necessary it is, and how detrimental poor posture habits are to spinal health. I’ve been active and healthy my whole life and am very grateful that I can continue doing the activities I enjoy due to the outstanding care and knowledge I’ve received.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Donkin because he improved my health by doing everything step by step and he was very patient with me.

I could not be where I am without Dr Donkin’s help.

I trust and believe in Dr. Donkin. He is friendly and helpful, and if there is an emergency, he will come in even if it is the weekend.

Dr. Donkin is excellent! You get pro-adjusted and manually adjusted both for the same price. You can get massage and do rehab, too.