Fighting Cabin Fever

We’re in the home stretch now, and we are working our way through the remnants of winter. Just thinking about seeing those first crocuses poking through the ground warms the heart. But chances are most of us aren’t thinking about spring right now. We’re locked in a bad case of cabin fever. There is a reason why February feels like it will never end.

Compounding things is the natural letdown that follows weeks of festivities. Is it any wonder we feel like crawling under a rock until the sun comes back out? There is even a name for it – seasonal affective disorder – for those hit the hardest.

Fortunately, as your doctor of chiropractic can tell you, there are ways to turn it around, though it will mean fighting the season’s natural inclinations. No more coming home from eight hours behind the desk to spend the next five wrapped in a blanket in front of the television. It will be well worth the effort!

Stay Active

The outcome of a sedentary lifestyle is well-documented, affecting everything from mobility and balance to the risk of depression. It doesn’t take daily trips to the gym to turn things around. Start by taking a few minutes each hour to walk around the office. In the morning or later in the day, get things moving by doing a stretching routine. Soon, you may find yourself naturally taking the stairs, getting out more, and maybe even heading for the gym. Bring on the endorphins!

Eat Smart

Adding more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet and removing inflammatory ones such as sugar and processed foods is good for easing the joint pain that comes with colder weather. But a recent study showed that it could also decrease your risk of depression by 30 percent. 

Try A Change Of Scenery

Cruising around the Bahamas right now would probably cheer anyone up. But any change in routine can freshen your day. Take a new route to work. Plan a weekend getaway, checking into a hotel with a pool, hot tub, and complimentary breakfast. Take the kids to an escape room and spend an hour trying to break free. Maybe you’ll learn something in the process!

Visit Your Doctor Of Chiropractic

A body in balance equips you to make the most of your lifestyle changes. And staying active, eating better, and getting a good night’s sleep helps your body stay in alignment. Your doctor of chiropractic can come up with a plan that fits you. Consider this while following these tips, you are going to be in great shape to enjoy spring when it finally gets here!