Donkin’s 12 Products for Healthy Living


People often ask Dr. Donkin what his secrets are for staying healthy and well. Dr. Donkin stands, bends, twists, squats, reaches, pulls, lifts and grips all day long in his Chiropractic practice, and in his 38 years of practice in Lincoln, he has never lost a day of work due to illness or injury. He has experienced his fair share of injuries through the years, but the blessing in these injuries has been that they taught Dr. Donkin first-hand how to recover while working hard. The strategy is simple; find out what works well for you and keep doing it. The products on this list are ones he knows work well and recommends them often to his patients as well as others interested in sustained health and well-being.

Proper Pillow

The Proper Pillow is one pillow I use personally.  I really like its versatility because there are four ways to use it, plus it comes with an extra layer of the pillow to make it thicker if desired.  If you want comfortable support that helps you get more out of your sleeping hours, then you should look into getting the Proper Pillow.

Proper Roller

The Proper Roller’s double-bubble ergonomic design gives it a central groove to prevent injury to the spine and related structures while optimizing stretch to muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  The texture of the covering prevents slipping while delivering comfortable yet deep stretching.  It is lightweight yet sturdy, and its length makes the Proper Roller less cumbersome and easy to use.


The Intracell’s purpose is to extinguish trigger points and allow tight, contracted muscles to relax and recover.  The intracell can be used on many areas of your body. 

Legacy Leg Pillow

Side sleeping postures are popular for most people. Dr. Donkin regularly recommends using a pillow between the legs for extra support.  The Legacy Leg Pillow has a sleek design that makes it easier to shift positions while keeping the leg pillow intact.  Patients rave about how comfortable yet supportive the Legacy Leg Pillow is.


The Kabooti 3-In-1 seat cushion combines a seat wedge with a tailbone cut out and a donut ring for multipurpose support while sitting.  Patients can use the Kabooti at the office, in the car, at sporting events, playing cards, at home, and more.

The Loft’s Body-Friendly Crossover Purse

Crossover purses are an excellent combination of style, quality, and function.  Not only does it look great when it is worn higher across the shoulders (like it should be), but you can easily pull it around to the front while still wearing it to get items out of it.

Proper Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets purportedly help with many conditions or symptoms including insomnia, anxiety, cumulative stress, restless leg, fibromyalgia pain, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, and more. Dr. Donkin talked with patients about their response to using weighted blankets and they indicated noticeable improvement or relief with symptoms of restless legs, fibromyalgia pain, symptoms of anxiety as well as PTSD and a number of them reported an improvement in sleep quality.

Lacrosse Ball

LaCrosse balls are fantastic to help patients stretch and release muscle trigger points between shoulders, outside of shoulders, forearms, hips and even the arches of feet.


I Rock Tape one or more patients almost every day I practice.  I use it routinely with neck, shoulder, arm, back knee and ankle conditions.  It is not uncommon for me to Rock Tape myself. For example, I used it on my right forearm after overusing it doing yardwork. It is used for both acute and chronic conditions and I see Rock Tape as an important part of my services to patients.  Once patients learn the best taping patterns for them, they often purchase a roll or two for home use.

Mojo Feet Customizable Orthotics

Standing all day in practice can take a toll on ankles, hips, and backs. MoJo Feet are preformed orthotics that can be heated to 200 degrees and molded to patient’s feet, creating a custom fit for patients’ unique circumstances and objectives.  Thus, MoJo Feet fit like a glove under your arches and wear very well.  

BioPods Revolutionary Orthotics

BioPods are an exciting concept in orthotics which will surely become more popular in the future.  BioPods are called Stimsoles because they have a specifically designed raised area right underneath the long arch of the feet.  According to BioPods, LLC ‘By providing the right kind of stimulation for optimum health, strength, and flexibility, BioPods Stimsoles™ helps address the underlying causes of most foot-related pain and problems.”

Cryoderm Topical Roll-on

Cryoderm is a topical roll-on cream to relieve pain and inflammation while improving function.  Cryoderm is a greaseless, non-staining, fast-acting and deep penetrating way to soothe muscle spasms, strains, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, joint pain, cramps, and bruises. Dr. Donkin recommends the roll-on for use at home because it is easy to apply, and does not need to be applied using the hands.