November 2020 Newsletter: Happy Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, the holiday season’s joy and wonder are frequently overshadowed by anxiety, and the effects negative stress has on our bodies. This being the case, the best gift we can offer is the information you need to prepare yourself and your family for true enjoyment and fulfillment this holiday season. Stress, in the simplest terms, is your physical and emotional reaction to change. It sounds almost too simple, but that’s what stress is: your body’s reaction to change. If you perceive the change to be threatening or if you don’t understand it, it can cause physical effects on your body. As we race towards Thanksgiving, two stressors stand out the most, stress from food and COVID-19!


Yes, the holiday that is best known for overindulgence in all things food causes many people stress. Special cookies, cakes, candies, and other treats are anticipated, but remember that your blood sugar levels fluctuate drastically with the rapid influx of these foods to your diet. Corresponding mood swings are a natural consequence of indulgence, so be sure to consider this during periods of family interaction. Eating unusually large portions of food during holiday dinners is followed by periods of low energy as your body shifts to digestion rather than physical activity. So before you get upset with your brother-in-law for yawning during your conversation, remember he may just be digesting the holiday meal!