Establishing A Corporate Wellness Culture

Needs Focused… Evidence Based… Outcome Driven

Purpose: To systematically develop sustained health, safety and well-being within individuals and organizations worldwide. This program leverages Dr. Scott Donkin’s extensive experience as a practicing Chiropractor for 35 years coupled with his training and board certification in occupational health for 23 years. One of Dr. Donkin’s premises is that healthy individuals as well as healthy companies exhibit habits that are actually reliable predictors to their sustained health.

Examining the habits of each thus helps determine their current health or lack thereof. For example many employers experience ‘symptoms’ of high injury rates or associated costs, high mod rates that could prevent the from bidding on projects, assorted safety issues, aging workforce, exorbitant personal health costs etc. that often have realistic solutions. Whatever the symptoms are they can be addressed through the process of establishing a customized corporate wellness culture.

Program Elements

1. Assessment

A comprehensive assessment is conducted to ascertain employer needs, objectives and goals. Interviews with key personnel help to gain an historical perspective of the employer’s key statistics including employee injury rates, trends and associated costs as well as other factors involved with perceived and actual needs. Preliminary strategic options are discussed with key personnel to develop a plan and implementation program.

2. Process

The process of establishing a customized corporate health, safety and wellness culture is strikingly similar to successfully working with a patient. Starting with a thorough assessment leads to an evidence-based plan that is implemented and reassessed after an appropriate period of time. The plan is revised as is indicated then implemented and assessed again after an appropriate interval. This process is continued until the desired results are achieved and periodic assessment and plan revisions continue to assure sustained results.

3. Cornerstones

The cornerstones of this process include education, health, safety and design. For more information on each you can view Innovation is often required because, like patients, companies have their own unique history, issues goals and objectives. As has occurred with other companies that have utilized Dr. Donkin’s approach this systematic approach applied to individual employer’s needs and objectives often results in innovative solutions.

4. Corporate Identity, Brand and Core Values

A crucial element of developing a successful corporate wellness culture is clear attention to the established corporate identity, brand as well as actual core values. Incorporating these elements into strategies, initiatives and campaigns encourages ‘sticky factor’ for employees to remain engaged and achieve desired results. Dr. Donkin pays particular attention to details such as this to drive desired outcomes.

5. Resources

Dr. Donkin utilizes a host of effective resources to accomplish the goals of individuals and organizations. Dr. Donkin also utilizes experienced professionals in a wide range of industries and disciplines to develop and deploy solutions as needed and desired. The use of technology in the form of webinars and Skype to name a couple can extend the reach of effectiveness virtually anywhere.

Benefits to Employees:

  • Experience less pain, sickness and injury
  • Have more energy on the job to perform their tasks
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved job security
  • Continue to earn income
  • Continue to support themselves, family and community
  • Contribute to a collective goal of the company
  • Improved enjoyment of their life and key value
  • Have a healthier life after retiring

Benefits to Employers:

  • Improve safety in the workforce
  • Improve risk management
  • Decrease Injuries
  • Preserve resources (through better health and improved morale)
  • Enhance resources (through improved productivity)
  • Improve bottom-line profitability
  • Assist in continued company growth
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce time required in training new employees
  • Be considered an employer of choice in the community
  • Be considered a leader in their industry

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