Unmask Neck Pain

In the above video, Dr. Scott Donkin gives tips on how to prevent neck pain while wearing masks.

Wearing masks might be essential for some people but one of the effects that come with it is neck pain. Let’s take a look at some Simple Steps to Ease Your Neck Tension, shall we?

  1. Breathing slower helps you relax and this results in lowering your stress level.
  2. Often times, we get masks that might be too big that might affect your vision, so try to get one that fits your facial area to see better.
  3. When is needed, leave your mask on, but it doesn’t mean that you NEED to wear it 24/7. Feel free to unmask when you can!
  4. Use a mask that best fit your face. Check the size of the mask before purchase. This could help you breath better, too.