February 2021 Newsletter: Have you considered a Himalayan Salt Stone massage?

What is Himalayan Salt Stone Massage?

Halo Therapy is defined as; a form of alternative medicine using salt, derived from the Greek word halos, meaning salt.

Like traditional basalt stones, Himalayan salt stones can be used over the entire body. Not only does it deliver superb thermotherapy, but it also contains 84 minerals* that the body may absorb. The three main minerals are magnesium, calcium and potassium.


  • 4th most abundant mineral in the body.
  • 60% of the body’s magnesium is found in bones.
  • 40% is found in muscles and soft tissues, and fluids.
  • Magnesium is involved in energy creation, protein formation, gene maintenance, muscle movements and nervous system regulation.
  • It has been shown to fight depression as it plays an important role in brain function and mood.
  • Helps lower elevated blood pressure.
  • It helps fight inflammation by reducing the inflammatory marker CRP.
  • It may help alleviate migraine pain in clients with low magnesium levels. 


  • Helps build strong bones and teeth.
  • Calcium sends nerve signals.
  • It is responsible for muscle contractions.


  • It assists in regulating blood pressure.
  • Helps in regulating normal water balance.
  • Assists in muscle contraction.
  • Assists in nerve impulses.
  • Assists in heart rhythm.
  • Assists in maintaining pH balance.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt
The benefits of adding warm stones to your massage sessions are plentiful. Heat can aid in softening muscles, easing circulation through vasodilation, allow your therapist to get deeper layers of tissue in less time, enhance the body’s parasympathetic response (“rest and digest”) and more. Himalayan salt has anti-bacterial properties and is anti-inflammatory. When heated, negative ions are released into the air, aiding in purification. Muscle cramps may be alleviated due to the mineral content.