Back-To-School Time

Has your family headed back to the classroom? Maybe that means new back packs, sports or pounding the campus pavement? We can help with all of those things. Read on below to learn more!


It doesn’t matter what age you are. Back packs are a common mode of carrying our daily items. However, if you aren’t wearing yours properly, they may hinder and not help. Come in today and Dr. Donkin can fit your pack correctly and prevent PackBack!


The new school season means the start of fall sports. From football to cross country, soccer, and volleyball, Dr. Donkin can help your athlete be game day ready and stay ready with regular adjustments throughout the season so they can compete at their best.


The Art-of-Living well involves more than just art. You have to be up on the most current science and research on all aspects of wellness. It also requires regular practice, to develop and sustain the mental and physical resilience to harness your mind, body, and mood to be at your best every day of your life.

Our M3+ Mind- Movement-Mood Wellness Center efficiently integrates Diet/Nutrition, Exercise, Biomechanics, and the MindFulChoice System™ for optimal thinking – all under one roof or online, and will provide you with a customized assessment and action plan for your specific lifestyle and goals.

We invite you to ask us more about this on your next visit! We are excited to share in this new global partnership and how we are offering these services at our practice right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.