Detasseling pain?


The detasseling season is here, and many industrious teenagers are getting up early, piling into school busses, and going to soggy cornfields to make some extra money. Like many of us, these hard-working teens are very attached to their cell phones and other electrical devices. This attachment has caused many of them to lock themselves into a slumped posture while enjoying these devices. We are creatures of habit, and when we spend our days with a slumped posture and turning our heads down to stare at our phones, we are prone to have difficulties when forced to reverse the motion. These detasselers are now busy in the early mornings looking up, extending upward, and reaching high up to pull tassels off tall corn stalks. This is a recipe for increased pain and stiffness! Don’t be alarmed; Dr. Donkin has some helpful tips to help keep you out in the fields earning that extra summer cash.

  1. Hydrate!
  2. Remember to warm up the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back before work. A good example is reverse shoulder rolling.
  3. Take breaks from looking up when needed.
  4. Use topical muscle gel or creams before looking up and or after a long day of detasseling.

 If your teen is suffering from the side effects of their hard work, or you have questions, contact Dr. Donkin today. Dr. Donkin can help you get over the episode and help them get ready for the next day of work!